Webinar: How 5G Can Support Transformation in the Automotive Industry

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Webinar: How 5G Can Support Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Webinar on 10.10.2018 at 12:00 CEST

The automotive industry is one of the most crucial sectors for Europe’s economic growth and prosperity, contributing 4% of EU's GDP and creating employment for over 12 million people.

The EC is committing substantial R&D investment to maintain Europe's global technological leadership in the sector and strengthen its competitive position. By 2020 the EC will have more than doubled the available funding for collaborative research and innovation activities for the automotive sector, with a focus on green vehicles, decarbonization of conventional engines and safety.

Meanwhile, the automotive industry needs to reinvent itself and create a new paradigm for Europe’s mobility ecosystem (especially in the wake of the ‘diesel-gate’ scandal). The deployment of 5G presents great opportunities to develop new business and ownership models based on vehicle digitalization and decarbonization.

To understand the opportunities and the challenges of 5G, IDC in collaboration with Trust-IT, hosts the webinar How 5G Can Support Transformation in the Automotive Industry on 10th October 2018. The webinar is an opportunity to hear industry experts discuss the needs and benefits expected by automotive industry stakeholders, as the sector drives transformation. In particular, we will discuss:

  • How the expanded capacity of 5G can support mass-market adoption of connected-car services
  • How ultra-reliable/low-latency 5G service enables new levels of autonomy in vehicle operation
  • How high-density connectivity in 5G can blend the driver experience with IoT functionality


Daniela Rao, IDC Italy

Dr Mikael Fallgren, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research

Markus Dillinger, Head of 5G R&D for verticals, Huawei

The Role of 5G in Sustaining Automotive Industry Transformation, John Delaney, Associate Vice President, European Mobility, IDC

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