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The European economy and society will rely heavily on 5G, as wireless broadband technology both evolves, with data rates expected to increase by a factor of 10, and innovates, becoming a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) and delivering critical services with perceived zero delay. Major innovations are expected to come from vertical industries, from automotive and transport to health and energy. What is marking out 5G as different, is the realisation that the telecoms industry needs to involve verticals at an early stage, to understand their needs and help shape the standards.
Global5G.org is a new 5G PPP Phase 2 Coordination & Support Action.

We have the the specific role of helping to strengthen the link between vertical industries, standardisation and research as diverse requirements emerge from different vertical industry use cases.

Global5G.org is going to play a role in supporting consensus building on standardisation and harmonisation on policy and regulations across the EU.

This makes it a very timely project as early research results are feeding into the global standardisation process and preparations are underway for the first large-scale trials and demonstrators.

In terms of vertical markets, Global5G.org pays special attention is to 5G Health

Our concrete assets include:

Global5G.org Main Assests


•    Market Watch: an international hub on vertical industries, market forecasts, and business models supported by world-leading ICT analysts.
•    Standardisation Tracker: to facilitate the uptake of relevant standards across verticals and the transfer of research results into current standardisation efforts. This includes the international dimension and timeframe, providing a more comprehensive overview of the standards landscape in relation to policy objectives.
•    Trial and Test-bed Monitor: reporting on progress in test-beds and trials to assess investments, forecast scenarios, and identify potential gaps in technologies, anticipating the needs when new opportunities arise.
To guarantee the most favourable terrain for boosting the European economy, Global5G.org will conduct an in-depth analysis around Small Cells and dense networks’ technical and regulatory issues. Working alongside the 5G PPP and international experts, Global5G.org will develop a set of recommendations and best practices to be delivered to the Member States regulators in spring 2018.



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