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Intelligent Public Lighting system in a smart city will enable remote control in real time and in a secure way every single lighting pole from the target network, in order to adjust the lighting intensity and efficiently manage energy consumption (reduction in energy costs by up to 80%).

Based on a high level architecture constructed on three levels: data collection and transport layer, open IoT middleware layer and application layer, the system will allow real-time and history based energy consumption measuring. Furthermore, the entity responsible for the street lighting infrastructure operation and maintenance will be able to proactively spot the malfunctions, energy loss or energy theft tentative on the public lighting network.

In terms of 5G functionalities, SLICENET investigates: 

  • 5G customised network slice support for IoT applications will be assessed against the initial status quo built on legacy, LoRaWAN or LTE-M connectivity technologies. 

Location: Alba Iulia City (Romania)

Date: Q4-2019

Vertical Partners: Alba Iulia City facilitated by Orange Romania; partners Flash Lighting Services S.A., Flashnet SRL, BOX2M  etc.

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