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The automation in distribution with self-healing solutions is a critical challenge to consider in the transformational evolution towards Smart/Smarter Grid.

Self-healing will enable system operators to benefit from a significant reduction in outage duration, the number of affected customers as well as in the number of switching manoeuvres required during network reconfiguration procedure involved in Fault Detection Isolation and service Restoration (FDIR).

Timely, reliable and secure communications are crucial in this SLICENET vertical application. 

This prototype focuses on the following ITU 5G functionalities: 

5G multi-domain communication infrastructure and customised network slices will facilitate this mission-critical use case with ultra-reliability, ultra-low latency and cyber-security support.

Location: Aveiro/Porto (Portugal)

Date: Q4-2019

Vertical partner: EFACEC Power Solutions Group





Type of Experiment:

ITU Functionality:


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