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Technology Advisor
Fraunhofer IIS

Karin Loidl has been with Fraunhofer IIS since 2004 and is an experienced, multidisciplinary engineer whose constant goal is to successfully bridge the gap between ideas, research, development, and implementation. Since Release 15, she has been actively involved in the standardization of 5G and, starting in 2017, has acted as the Fraunhofer IIS SA1 delegate within 3GPP.

Karin’s focus within 5G lies on features enabling verticals to optimize the use of 5G for their specific applications. Her comprehensive knowledge of wireless communication solutions, current and upcoming, as well as radio-based positioning technologies, is founded on nearly 25 years of experience in creating and implementing such solutions and the necessary technologies. Karin is familiar with many industries such as manufacturing, health care, or education. This deep insight into various branches is rooted in her involvement in various multidisciplinary R&D projects, spanning from cyber-physical production systems, mobile assistance systems over the planning and managing of mass evacuations towards IIOT solutions for hospitals and assisted living scenarios.

Her background in commercialization and realization of large-scale engineering projects derives from her time at PHILIPS. Combined with her experience in press and public relations, this helps her to transfer customer and application requirements into technology features.

She graduated with a degree in telecommunication engineering from Ulm University and as an industrial engineer in international economic relation from Nuertingen-Geislingen University as well. From 1996, she worked for PHILIPS before joining Fraunhofer IIS. Karin is the initiator for numerous technological pioneering research projects. Apart from 3GPP SA1, she is also active in 5G ACIA, NGMN and VDMA.

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