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The ONE5G proof of concept on media, entertainment and eOffice focuses on:

  • Outdoor hotspot with Immersive/Virtual Reality, collaborative gaming, Ultra-High Fidelity Media capabilities.
  • Live Event Experience – massive number of users with video sharing for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities and Energy: Traffic/pollution management, surveillance, stream management and city automation.

In terms of 5G functionalities, ONE5G investigates: 

  • E2E performance optimization and multi-node/multi-link, assessment of E2E and context-aware KPIs.

Locations: Rennes (France); Athens (Greece); Malaga (Spain)

Date: Q2-2019

Partners involved: University of Malaga, b-com, WINGS

ONE5G Website@ONE_5G

Type of Experiment:

ITU Functionality:


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