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IoT infrastructure can fully control end-to-end deployment of Energy-based IoT Applications by provisioning and allocating resources on-demand according to initial service level agreements (SLAs) or evolving SLAs.

Main VNFs and Applications of Interest are Real-time automation, Smartgrid, SLA monitoring, Multiple-application management. 

The main stakeholders are Utility Companies, Facility Managers, Property Managers.

In terms of ITU 5G functionalities, NGPaas investigates: 

  • Microgrid or Energy Applications for Buildings becoming a complete subset of the 5G network, with their own logic and OSS/BSS/security/performance constraints.

Location: Paris-Saclay (France)

Date: Q2-2018

Vertical Partners: VM2M

Partners involved: NOKIA, BCOM, UNIMIB

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ITU Functionality:


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