Updated! Webinar: 5G for the Manufacturing Sector

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Updated! Webinar: 5G for the Manufacturing Sector

"How 5G can support transformation in the Manufacturing Sector"

The webinar presents an opportunity to listen to experts discuss the needs and benefits expected by manufacturing industry stakeholders, as the sector drives transformation.In particular, we will discuss:

    The main use cases for 5G in the Manufacturing sector, with a particular focus around the factory floor
    How the ecosystem is moving: activities of major players in the industry
    Key takeaways and action items for manufacturing companies willing to embrace this technology to transform their business processes


12:00-12:05 - Welcome & Introduction (Daniela Rao, IDC Italia)
12:05-12:20 - Lorenzo Veronesi, Manufacturing Insights, IDC
12:20-12:35 - Giacomo Tavola, Professor of Design and Management of Production Systems, Politecnico Milano
12:35-12:50 - Marcela Alzin, Program Manager, 5G-ACIA Member, HMS Labs
12:50-13:00 - Q&A

 Link to access the webinar  



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