5G and Energy Efficiency

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5G and Energy Efficiency

One of the most critical issues affecting the prospects for successful deployment of 5G is energy efficiency.

Given the heightened sensitivity around the world to environmental pollution, it is essential that 5G lives up to its promise of vastly improved energy efficiency with respect to its predecessors. Against this backdrop, Global5G.org partner inno-tsd undertook to take a snapshot of the situation today with respect to the state of 5G energy efficiency and package the insights gained into a compact, informative report. The report begins by outlining the original requirements placed upon 5G, both in terms of performance and energy efficiency. It continues by reminding the readership that the ICT industry is one of the most important sources of energy consumption and environmental pollution today (it has the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry).

The report provides the reader with a history of the research roadmap in energy efficiency over the years through an ever-improving set of specifications, culminating in an overview of today’s most prominent research results in the literature. The most promising avenues for achieving outstanding 5G efficiency are identified as optimal management of base stations (e.g. through advantageous use of sleep modes), spatial multiplexing, beamforming, improved battery life, reduction of energy consumption by auxiliary equipment, and increased hardware efficiency.

The production of the report is part of Global5G.org contributions to the Performance KPIs Working Group, which is tracking progress towards the ambitious goals set for the 5th Generation Public Private Partnership. Both inno-std and Trust-IT contribute to the WG as Champions. 



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